Flavor Lane












My initial though for the photo documentary was to show how the label creates a product from idea to product however I quickly learnt that would be extremely difficult to pull off in the given timeframe because he wasn’t creating any new products from scratch so I decided to show what the label represents.




Handmade Vs Mass-produced


This post is about handmade products vs mass produced. The quality between the two and the ramifications of each.

Shooting for a fashion label

These posts show the way each photographer has done their work and the reasoning behind the images they created.

http://www.dannyst.com/shooting-for-a-new-fashion-label-honore/ – Danny Santos II

http://www.theloop.com.au/tmunro/project/85826Taylor Munro

Relationship with products



Corona represent the relationship between their product and a relaxed, care free lifestyle.

Metadata screen grab


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