Task 4

Part One:

Research the requirements of the magazine and consider how the commissioning publication uses images. Consider location, your visual approach and equipment requirements.


This magazine provides content that is informative and relevant to Melbourne. The environmental portrait showcases the excitement as well as the relaxed attitude towards studying at CATC.

We tried to capture this by placing the subject in a lounge with all of his work spread out creating a relaxed yet serious approach towards his studies.

Part Two:

Your subject is a very busy person and their time is very limited.  You have been allocated a maximum of 30 minutes to produce the two compelling images. Consider how to use the time most effectively, or if required, negotiate for more time.

After getting permission to shoot our subject we took a few experimental images to gauge the exposure from the natural light. We set out his tools he uses for interior design to create a pleasing image describing what he does for his studies.

We scouted the location before the subject arrived, looking for flattering natural light, space and where we could position him. Using natural light saves us time because we aren’t messing around with flashes etc.

Part Three:



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