Task 6

Melbourne’s Hidden Lane ways 

There are so many great places in Melbourne that they can even be a surprise to the locals. The best places in Melbourne aren’t the most popular but are tucked away in the laneways, away from the main hot spots of the CBD.

I am a Melbourne based photographer looking to promote and raise awareness of the wide range of cultural, entertainment and dining gems tucked away into laneways. The best way to promote Melbourne is to inform people that not all the best places to go out are not the ones right in front of you. Since Melbourne has a large dynamic of culture and food, travellers should get to experience this to the full extent. Some of the best places to go are only known of because of “word of mouth” rather than what’s paid to be advertised.

I would capture the laneways in such a way to show the best of what they can offer, packed with happy customers eating gourmet food. I would accentuate the laneways by using a wide angle lens on a sunny afternoon creating warm light, using a fill flash to break up the harsh shadows caused by the surrounding buildings.

This story would be well suited to the Qantas inflight magazine because most people travel to experience the culture, entertainment and foods that Melbourne has to offer. This story would inform the travellers with the insight that only the local would know giving them a better experience within the city of Melbourne.

Image 1:

iagme 1


Image 2:

iamge 2


Image 3:

image 3



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